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Knotless braids

Knotless braids

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Please note that Sundays and holidays incur additional fees. For detailed information on these charges, we encourage you to review our terms and conditions.

Discover the elegance and comfort of Knotless Braids, a style that begins with your natural hair to ensure a seamless, painless experience. Unlike traditional box braids, this technique offers a lighter, more refined look with minimal tension, promoting the health and well-being of both your hair and scalp. Experience the perfect blend of beauty and comfort, designed to enhance your natural allure without the weight.


Choose our service, and you're not just selecting a style; you're embarking on a premium experience. With your chosen package, you'll enjoy an array of inclusive perks designed to elevate your visit from satisfactory to exceptional:

Basic Detangling: Begin your transformation with a professional detangling session that preps your hair for perfection.

Shampoo: Immerse in the luxury of our cleansing shampoo service, leaving your hair fresh, clean, and ready for styling.

The Braiding Hair: Select from our premium range of braiding hair, included in your package, ensuring your look is nothing short of stunning.

Complimentary Drinks: Sip and relax. Enjoy our selection of complimentary beverages as you unwind and let us take care of you.

WiFi Access: Stay connected, stream your favorite content, or scroll through your feeds with our complimentary WiFi service.

Embark on a journey of beauty and relaxation with us, where every detail of your visit is curated for your utmost satisfaction.

Care Instructions

Keep style wrapped and away from water. Book your touch up services biweekly for Locs and 4-6 weeks for braids.

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