To Our Valued Guests

We are doing everything we can to protect you our guests as well as our stylist. To this extent, we will be following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and local health department guidelines with regards to social distancing practices in order to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, or COVID-19. This will require our guests as well as our employees to follow the mandatory guidelines. If we all work together, we can overcome the spread of this virus as well as other infectious diseases. Below are some rules and regulations that we all will be required to follow to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Appointments and Scheduling

Appointments must be made online. Waiting areas must be kept clear and must allow for 6 feet between guests. When making appointments, the client and stylist must have a thorough consultation by phone to reduce an unexpected service that may run into the next appointment. The stylist will have documents on each client entering and leaving the salon. This information is used for contact tracing in the vent of an infection. Every guest will be required to sign a waiver and questionnaire from upon entering the salon. When booking an appointment please make sure the name, phone number, and email address that will be used is correct.

Distance Requirements

Wherever possible, everyone in the salon much maintains 6 feet distance. This does not apply to the duration of the service, provided the necessary protective measures are observed. Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands, hugging, or non-essential contact. Communication with clients must be kept to a minimum and only with eye contact via the mirror. Direct communication is not permitted. Please keep one in one client communication to a minimum.

General Health and Safety

Anyone with symptoms of acute respiratory illness or fever may not enter the salon. Clients may not bring people with them to their appointment including kids. Both client and salon employees must wear a mouth and nose cover (in other words face mask). Clients are responsible for their own mask and gloves or can purchase both from the salon for $5. No beverage service, food service, or magazine are allowed in the salon.

Hygiene and Disinfection

Salon employees will wash hands with soap and water on arrival to the salon, between serving the client and before and after breaks. Clients must wash and disinfect their hands upon entering the salon and leaving the salon. Stylist chairs, dryer chairs, shampoo chairs, and bowls will be cleaned with disinfectant before they are used by another client. Every client will get a clean cape before starting the service. Clean towels will also be used throughout the service. Tools will be disinfected after each use. Cut hair will be carefully removed and wiped away service.

Salon Operations & Setup

We will be providing laundry cleaned capes and towels using detergent and dried completely. Antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer will be proved for stylists as well as guests. Contact points such as door handles and high touch areas will be cleaned regularly.


Employees have been informed and comprehensively trained and certified on new work processes and requirements caused by COVIS-19. If any employee is at risk of COVID-19. that person will not be able to work. All employees’ temperature will be tested before starting work.