Thank you for visiting AfroTouch.com to learn more about who we are and what we do.  At AfroTouch, we share our African traditions and our love for braiding and natural hair care with each client we service.  In my seventeen years of business, one thing I have learned to appreciate is that we all are different, unique in our own way.  This is what makes you special, and this is why your hair masterpiece should be as unique as you are.  So contact us today, and let’s begin creating your signature style.

Lynn Schofield


Created in October 2000 in her kitchen on the outskirts of New Orleans with her ex in-laws and kids to fill a void in the hair business and also to add an African touch the concept of hair braiding, Afro Touch was conceived and executed by Lynn Schofield. She started out with a handful of customers including acquaintances and friends. By December 2000 through a carefully created network, hard work, dedication to long hours and availability around the clock, Lynn Schofield enabled Afro Touch to grow 10 customers on the average a day during a 5-day work week. Afro Touch became a symbol, synonymous with quality hair braiding in the greater New Orleans area. The first year it grossed over $70,000 in revenues.

In the fall of 2001, Afro Touch grew to 2 shops with a larger and more diversified customer base. Its gross revenues modestly went up by $30,000 by year end. In the month of December 2001, Lynn Schofield brought on board an old friend to help streamline the operations and run the shops from a technical stand point. Through her vision and wisdom, the two person team put in lots of good work and effort to give the company the much-needed boost to get ahead of competition.

In May of 2002, the third shop was born enjoying a well-balanced clientele and geographical location. Revenues went up substantially. The creation of Afro Touch was done without any loan or cash infusion from anyone. Lynn Schofield and Theodore Anelone, to a lesser extent, sacrificed family quality time and lifetime savings to carry out the dream.

After Katrina hit the gulf coast in August 2005 with its devastated effects on businesses and families around the New Orleans area, the management at Afro Touch decided to consolidate its operations . Afro 1, 2, and 3 came together to become Afro Touch Hair Braiding and Beauty Supply located in Gretna, LA. The hair salon has found a new home in a 1000- square foot space adjacent to the beauty supply with equal amount of space. It goes without saying that our faithful customer base will no longer have to go anywhere for their beauty needs. Conveniently, they will have their hair salon flanked by their beauty supply store. Afro Touch is on the move, expanding at the rate of one activity at a time . . .